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Negin Behzadian

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Negin Behzadian

Negin Behzadian ’18 is an Iranian American electrical engineer in the medical devices industry, passionate about improving the accessibility and quantitative value of medical imaging procedures such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). She currently works at Abbott’s Cardiac Rhythm Management division in LA, where she develops MRI safety requirements, testing methods, and technical standards, to ensure patients implanted with Abbott’s pacemakers, defibrillators, and cardiac monitors are able to access MRI diagnostic procedures safely when they need it.

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Previously she was a member of the Edison engineering rotational program at GE Healthcare, where she dabbled at everything from RF design to clinical research for MRI and Ultrasound medical imaging systems for two years, all while surviving a Wisconsin winter and an Arizona summer. Outside of work, Negin enjoys Zumba dancing, portrait drawing, and being an active member of the Stanford Cap and Gown alumnae board.

Her inspiration comes from many different people: “It was my undergraduate adviser, Professor Norbert Pelc, who initially got me fascinated with the neat physics and mathematics behind medical imaging signals and image reconstruction. It was Professor Dwight Nishimura's EE369 series that showed me how to apply linear time invariance to gain intuition about these systems. And it was dedicated mentors like Ross Venook at Stanford and Peder Larson at UCSF, who inspired me to pursue solving unmet clinical needs related to imaging as a career.”

She advises students to “age”: “The older you get, you just start realizing that you have to live in your truth in order to really find happiness. and to hone in and harness the full power of your potential comes with understanding and realizing it on your own.” Be sure to connect with Negin at!