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Emerging technologies such as text and chat generators are playing an increasingly large role as a support to jobseekers. CareerEd encourages students and alumni to be informed as to the best usages and potential risks of using these resources in their career searches. Our center provides the following considerations to inform your career decision making.

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  • When submitting materials to AI chatbots (e.g. ChatGPT) for review, do not share personal identifying information in order to maintain privacy.
    • This is particularly applicable to students and postdocs who are submitting resumes/CVs that include research ideas and intellectual property that are unique to the individual.
  • Some employers and recruiters have learned to recognize the typical formats and templates of writing that are put out by AI chatbots like ChatGPT. Some may even reject your application if they believe you have used the help of a chatbot to create your materials.
    • For example, if you ask ChatGPT to write a cover letter from scratch, it’s likely many others have done the same. ChatGPT is likely to use the same format and template to generate each of these cover letters.
    • It is best to start with material that you’ve created for yourself and use AI to provide feedback on what you’ve already created.
    • If you use AI to generate content, use it as a starting point only. Bring the content out of the platform, and edit it with your personal information, style, and voice to better reflect who you are as an applicant.
  • AI does not provide the expertise and individualized approach that career advising does. For customized support with your internship or job search, we encourage you to schedule an appointment on Handshake, visit our resume drop-in hours, and attend events for well-rounded recommendations and support.

Please check the useful AI prompts handout for making career decisions. Find more specific tips and advice under the relevant sections on the Career Resources page.

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