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Career Fair, 2023. Credit: Micaela Go

Rising Bird Fellows Application Process

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Here you can learn more about applying to the Rising Bird Fellows program (formerly known as CareerEd and BEAM Fellows) as well as learn about important deadlines to be aware of during the application process. 

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Student Application Timeline Deadlines

  • Winter 2024 Opportunities
    • Applications are now closed
  • Spring 2024 Opportunities
    • Applications are now closed
    • Summer 2024 Opportunities
      • Applications are now closed
      • Outcomes will be communicated by May 17, 2024
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How do I apply?

A complete application includes two parts:

  1. You must complete a Rising Bird Fellows Student Application.
  2. Your supervisor must complete an Employer Agreement form, which will be automatically forwarded to them as soon as you submit your application. It is your responsibility to follow up with your employer and ensure that they submit their portion of the application before the deadline.
    • Your supervisor will be asked to verify the information about your opportunity which you submitted in your application.  If the information you submitted is incorrect, you will be asked to revise your application so it aligns with your supervisor’s responses, so please be sure to have all of the details related to your opportunity before starting your application.   
    • Your application will be considered complete once both parts have been received and reflect consistent information about your opportunity.  If we are forced to prioritize applications, the date upon which they are received will be considered so please encourage your employer to submit your application as early as possible.
    • The Employer agreement must be completed by a company representative who has the authority and is willing to commit to program policies and requirements on behalf of their organization and themselves.  If the employer agreement is completed by the student, it will be considered invalid and the student will be ineligible for Rising Bird Fellows funding.  
  3. Following are links to copies of both parts of the application for your review prior to submitting your application. 
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Application Process

  • After we receive your completed Student Application and the Employer Agreement completed by your supervisor, we will review it to determine whether you meet Rising Bird Fellows eligibility requirements.
  • If we have any follow up questions, we will schedule a brief interview with you.
  • Once all applications are reviewed, we will share the outcome of your application and, if applicable, the stipend amount that will be transferred to you by the Financial Aid office.
  • We are unable to provide outcomes or likelihood of funding prior to reviewing all applications. Timing for outcomes will be dependent on the number of applications received.