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CareerEd Spring Fair.


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We offer an array of resources, events, and career fairs to help employers attract and connect with students. We invite you to check out the resources we've gathered to learn more. 

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Many Stanford students came out to show their support to the champions on their day of celebration. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Post a Job or Internship

Handshake is the online platform that allows you as an organization to post jobs or internships and the primary way that Stanford students find and apply to opportunities. 

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Interviews and Coffee Chats

Scheduled interviews and coffee chats are an excellent follow-ups to an information session or a career fair. Both interviews and coffee chats provide students opportunities to connect one-on-one with an employer.

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Circles of Influence

We are excited to announce Stanford Career Education’s 2024-2025 Circles of Influence Program, designed to benefit companies and organizations of all sizes and provide distinct opportunities to engage with the Stanford community – early and often.

Julia An Kao-Sowa and Alawab Aldulimy. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Review Recruiting Guidelines (Employers)

Stanford University is committed to diversity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices. Stanford Career Education (CareerEd) aims to create an environment in which students are educated and supported in order to make informed employment decisions, and in which all employers have equitable and balanced circumstances to conduct recruiting.  

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Marketing Pathways

When you’re recruiting at Stanford, marketing your organization’s roles and events will increase student engagement and improve your outcomes. Here are various recommended paths and strategies to increase your brand and support your marketing efforts across campus.

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Employer Relations & Outcomes

Our Employer Relations & Outcomes (ERO) team partners with employers to strengthen their recruiting efforts at Stanford. We commit to working with employers to provide high-quality employment opportunities to Stanford students and alumni.

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Our Employer Relations and Outcomes team is here to support your recruitment strategies and efforts. For any general and recruiting events questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Stanford Career Education works to ensure that all of Stanford's students are heard, supported, and included in career opportunities on campus. Regardless of a student's combination of identities and experiences, we work to help students have a sense of belonging. We are committed to diversity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices for campus recruiting.

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Additional Stanford Career Centers

Please feel free to connect directly with them if you have questions specific to their programming.