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Connect with Alumni & Employers

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Whether it’s to gain information, develop skills, obtain a job or internship, or build professional relationships, connecting with Stanford alumni and employers is an essential part of your career journey. Below are several ways you can effectively establish these connections.

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Use Handshake to connect with employers, apply for a wide variety of job and internship opportunities, and register for Career Fairs and other special events. You can also follow specific employers’ activity by industry, location, size and more, and even make your profile visible to employers allowing them to seek you out for opportunities!

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Featured Employers

If you're in search of an internship or a job, there are several companies that are very keen on hiring Stanford students. These employers are members of CareerEd's Circles of Influence program because they know just how talented, driven, and exceptional Stanford students are. Check out our featured employers below.

On Handshake, you can also find all of our employers!

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Career Fairs

Career Fairs are open to all students - from undergraduate to PhDs and Postdocs - and are an excellent way to connect with employers to learn about job and internship opportunities along with the specific skills they are seeking. We host 12 fairs during the academic year, covering a wide variety of industries, majors and degree levels. Other departments and groups including the Computer Forum and the School of Engineering and School of Medicine also host career fairs.

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Coffee Chats

Coffee chats allow you to connect one-on-one with an employer and have more informal conversations. You can use these coffee chats to network, gain industry insights, learn about recruitment processes, or anything you may be curious about. Coffee chats are held Monday through Friday during the academic year in the Stanford Career Education building or virtually. Learn how to access Coffee Chats in Handshake.

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Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM)

Ready for the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and build your Stanford connections? Learn more about Stanford outside the classroom from alumni mentors' points of view. You'll have a chance to discover career pathways and life lessons from someone who has been in your shoes. SAM is open to all current students.  Learn more about SAM.

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Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing is an opportunity to learn about specific occupations, industries, and companies by talking with professionals about their experience. Through these conversations, you gain an insider’s perspective and establish professional connections. There is a rich network of Stanford alumni who want to help you; identify and connect alumni by using the Stanford Alumni Directory and LinkedIn. Read more about how to conduct an informational interview.