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At Stanford Career Education, we work to ensure that your students have access to the career-focused experiences and resources that allow them to align with their purpose, what they value, and what they want to do in life. Below are some highlights of the many tools and resources we provide. We remain dedicated to making a difference to your students and the career paths that they pursue.

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Career Exploration and Discovery 

We support all needs connected to careers for frosh and sophomore students as they move through their first years on campus. With specific programming and a dedicated coaching team, we help students identify exciting opportunities for growth and connect with internships, jobs, and our alumni mentor network. 

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How We Support Students’ Job/Internship Search

Our individualized support through coaching appointments can help all students find opportunities, build their resumes and cover letters, and hone their interviewing skills.

We offer the following online resources to help students find opportunities and jobs:  

  • Students can access Handshake, a platform that provides them with jobs and internship opportunities and connections related to their career aspirations and interests. These opportunities are posted by a wide range of employers who are seeking Stanford talent.
  • With one quick sign-up, students gain access to an incredible network of alumni who have volunteered to mentor through Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM). Students can reach out to alums to ask for career conversations or learn more about the varied career paths people pursue following graduation.
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Our Efforts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

We embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our students. Our team works to ensure that all of Stanford's students feel heard, supported, and included in career education on campus. We also engage with the diverse range of Stanford students by guiding the exploration of identity and career development via our partnerships with areas such as Stanford Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership.

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Rising Bird Fellows: Funding Unpaid Internships

We deeply value students’ experiential learning and understand that funding can be hard to come by for certain internship or job opportunities. Rising Bird Fellows provides a solution. The stipend-based program provides up to $6,000 of funding (depending on quarter and criteria) to Stanford students participating in qualifying unpaid internships, externships, or short-term projects during the Winter, Spring, or Summer quarters. 

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

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CareerEd offers specialized support for first-generation college students.

First Generation Students

If your student is the first in your family to attend college, please contact us to find out ways we can help them as they explore careers.