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Claire Howlett, BS ’18, right, works with her mentor, George Wang, PhD ’09, co-founder of SIRUM, a nonprofit organization that distributes surplus medicine to clinics and pharmacies serving low-income patients.

PhD Pathways

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PhD Pathways programs educate PhD students and postdocs from all disciplines about career pathways available beyond academia. PhD Pathways was an annual one-day conference in 2016-19. We hosted PhD Pathways panels in 2020-22.

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 In the classroom while a PhD student speaks. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

More About PhD Pathways Panels

Panels typically include 3-4 speakers, often Stanford PhD alumni, who work in a particular industry sector or role. The panelists represent a variety of disciplines of origin. They work in different roles and for different employers. PhD Pathways panels are one way to explore the range of options open to PhD-holders like you.

We also offer a wide range of events related to work beyond academia, like skill-based labs and industry/alumni mixers. All panels were recorded.

PhD Pathways Conferences 

Follow the links below to the conference programs for each of the four Pathways conferences. A 2020 conference was planned but canceled due to COVID-19.