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 Students study near Mozart I, a sculpture in stainless steel by Kenneth Snelson (U.S.A., b. 1927). Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service


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Where Students Meet Opportunity. XPhub at Stanford is a collaborative effort by units across campus to deliver meaningful experiential opportunities to you over the course of your academic career.

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Architectural details of the sandstone arcades in the Main Quadrangle of Stanford University. Credit:

What Does This Mean?

We have gathered resources from over 30 campus partners to deliver a range of opportunities that will:

  • expand your skillset,
  • assist you in exploring careers,
  • boost your professional brand,
  • build professional connections, and
  • enhance your Stanford experience

The three options above represent three pathways to experiential and skills-building opportunities. Learn to search our internship & project platforms in more depth, see what other programs across campus have to offer, and build your career awareness and personal brand with LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and more!

 In CS+Social Good - CS90SI, Team LaborVoices, from left to right: Sophie Ye, Eric Ehizokhale, Nikhita Obeegadoo. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Curate Your Own Search for Opportunities

The following resources house the majority of the experiential opportunities available to Stanford students. We provide ways to search these platforms to return the best results tailored to your needs. All of the platforms offer something slightly different to cover the full spectrum of opportunities available.

 Aerial veiw of Main Quad of Stanford University. Credit: spvvk / Deposit Photos

Programs Across Campus which Offer Opportunities

Here you can explore a variety of programs available through a number of departments connected with the Farm. 

Female identifying individual at computer. Credit: @ karlyukav / Freepik

Self-Paced Resources to Build your Brand & Skills

Access resources like LinkedIn Learning as well as our community toolkit.