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Humanists At Large Directory

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People with humanities PhDs are working in many organizational settings all around the Bay Area. They use their humanistic training in their work. Talking with people in these jobs is an important step to learn more about what’s possible.

To help with this exploration process, we created a directory of PhD-humanists in the Bay Area. They have generously offered to help Stanford PhD students find their way in the world of work.

Informational Interviews

Contact people who have joined the Bay Area Humanists at Large Directory for informational interviews. You can ask about their current role and organization, the work they do, and their path to their current job. These informational interviews help you understand a wide range of career possibilities and build meaningful connections. Find advice about informational interviews in Stanford Career Education’s career guide and on the Imagine PhD website.

Access the Bay Area Humanists at Large Directory.

  • This is a Stanford-only Google doc. Access it with your email. If you are logged in to Google with your Gmail account, you will need to sign in using your Stanford account or get help here.
  • The directory lists each person’s PhD discipline, PhD year and PhD University.
  • Each person provided their job title and a short description of what they do.
  • Each person identified the organization they work for and categorized it in one of the following employment sectors that describes their organization. This does not describe the person’s role in the organization.
    • Government agency
    • Foundation or philanthropic organization
    • Social service or social advocacy nonprofit organization
    • Arts, cultural or public humanities organization
    • GLAM: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums
    • Writing, editing, and publishing
    • Secondary school
    • Postsecondary institution*
    • Educational technology or other education service organization
    • Consulting organization
    • Technology company
    • Other for-profit company
    • Self-employed

* There is a second directory which includes PhD holders from all disciplines who work as staff at Stanford university. The Bay Area Humanists at Large Directory includes university staff members at other colleges and universities in the Bay Area.

Many of the individuals listed in this directory have also offered to help in other ways too, such as campus events or panels. Contact Chris Golde if you want to connect to this network for other purposes.