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Humanists At Large Profiles

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Humanists build satisfying careers in a wide variety of occupations. However, these career paths are often hard to see. It helps to connect with those who have forged these trails ahead of you. 

How did other PhD humanists make the transition from being a PhD student to fulfilling careers beyond the academy? How do they use their humanistic thinking, skills, and values in their work?  What advice do they have for you? 

We interviewed some of them to find out. Each person’s story is unique, but you can find advice and inspiration in each of them. 

  • Alexis Charles. PhD in Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University, 2015. Current Position: Learning Program Manager, Facebook.
  • Stacy Hartman. PhD in German Studies, Stanford University, 2015. Current position: Director, Publics Lab, CUNY Graduate Center
  • E'lana Jordan. PhD in Anthropology, Stanford University, 2018. Position at the time of the interview: Research Lead, Google People Analytics. Current position: People Analytics Partner at Netflix.
  • Nicole Robinson. PhD in Italian Literature, UCLA, 2016. Current position: Engagement Manager, McKinsey Consulting
  • Jennifer Snyder. PhD in History, University of Florida, 2013. Current position: Director of Digital Experience, SF MOMA