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New Graduate Student Orientation. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Students & Postdocs

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Here at Stanford Career Education, we provide resources and opportunities centered around specific academic communities. Discover what we have to offer to each community.

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Resident Assistants Brandon Bergsneider, Meg Enthoven and Remy Gordon await incoming frosh at Donner. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service


We are here to help you get hands-on experience during your frosh or sophomore year that will allow you to develop meaningful connections, gain valuable experience, and explore your career interests. Start exploring your options and what we have to offer.

Cameron Kilpatrick (He/Him) University - Student - Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /
Bachelor’s & Masters

Engineering & Doerr School of Sustainability

The Engineering and Doerr School of Sustainability team empowers students through classes, coaching, building community, and providing students with tools and connections to support their professional journey. 

Bachelor’s & Masters

Humanities & Sciences

Whether you know what you want to do post-Stanford or are unsure of where to start, we are here to help you wherever you are in your career journey.

 Livia Eberlin, a postdoctoral scholar in chemistry, examines a stained sample against a backdrop of images from gastric cancer surgery and the mass spectrometer she uses in her interdisciplinary research. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service
Explore and land opportunities within and outside of academia.


We support career diversity, and we encourage you to imagine multiple possible futures. The PhD & Postdoc team supports PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in their pursuit of meaningful work across all industries. We help you consider the many paths available to you, and help you land the opportunities you find within and beyond academia. 

 Carissa Livan, Jasmin Lopez Tang Dalsgaard, Trevor DiGerolamo, Maisam Pyarali and Dumisile Mphamba. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Explore identity-centered career resources.

Stanford Career Education (CareerEd) works to ensure that all of Stanford's students feel heard, supported, and included in career education on campus. Regardless of a student's combination of identities and experiences, CareerEd works to help students feel like they belong.

French bulldog in main campus. Credit: yhelfman / Deposit Photos

CareerEd Events

Learn more about the upcoming CareerEd events planned for our communities. 

Find jobs and internships.


Handshake is an online platform that provides Stanford students with opportunities and connections related to their career aspirations and interests. In Handshake, you will find thousands of job and internship postings in a wide-variety of industries. 

Business concept. Credit: @jcomp / Freepik

Connect with Alumni & Employers

Whether it’s to gain information, develop skills, obtain a job or internship, or build professional relationships, connecting with Stanford alumni and employers is an essential part of your career journey. Below are several ways you can effectively establish these connections.