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Alexandria Noel Butler

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Lexi Butler

Alexandria Noel Butler, affectionately known as Lexi B, is the founder of Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, an online community that supports Black women in tech companies and tech-related professions. This 7,400+ international community has partnered with organizations such as Phenomenally, Instagram, Youtube, and Slack.

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Her inspiration comes from “the ancestors and current Black leaders who have sacrificed to make it possible for all of us to be here today. I think it is very important to remember that we are all here for a purpose and as you find your niche to push the Black community forward.”

She advises students to continue learning: “Learn from the jobs that you did not like, learn from the jobs that you do like. Learn from how people treat you and treat others the way they want to be treated. Every experience is truly a learning lesson even if the experience was negative.” Be sure to connect with her on the Stanford Alumni Mentoring Platform at!