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Erica Douglas

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Erica Douglas - Sister Scientist

Meet @sisterscientist! In 2014, Erica Douglas became the co-founder and CEO of mSEED group – a company focused on providing strategic growth solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses in beauty and personal care. As Sister Scientist, Erica travels the world educating beauty enthusiasts about the science side of beauty, and using this platform to motivate and encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM related fields.

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Her inspiration comes from wanting to give women a voice: “My influences were, really not seeing a lot of people who looked like me in spaces like this and how I felt, like, when I did start seeing people who look like me. Specifically black women or just women in general, they are often kind of like off to the side and that really kind of pinched a nerve.”

She advises students to “age”: “The older you get, you just start realizing that you have to live in your truth in order to really find happiness. and to hone in and harness the full power of your potential comes with understanding and realizing it on your own.” Be sure to connect with Erica at!