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Assistant Director of Career Coaching and Education - Humanities & Sciences (& Education)

Sarah Weston

Tell us something interesting about your background.

I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and here's an interesting thing that happens in my conversations since being in the US: while I don't think I have a distinct accent, quite a few people have interrupted our discussions with a curious, "Hey, are you Canadian?" It seems I might have slipped in an "eh" or pronounced "about" as "aboot" without even realizing it!

What has led you to your current role?

I've had a twisty, turny path that has led me to become a career coach, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! All of my experiences until now align to make me a better coach, advisor, and advocate in my work at Stanford. Originally, I wanted to be a physiotherapist but decided to pursue teaching when I realized I preferred spending most of my time with the kids of the patients, rather than treating the parents! After dedicating 10 years to K-12 education in Canada, I moved to the Bay Area with my husband in 2021. Here, I applied my knowledge and passion for curriculum development, program management, and leadership skills at an EdTech start-up before realizing I missed the 1:1 connection of working with students. Alas, here I am, once again supporting, coaching, advising, and growing with our Stanford H&S students. My favorite work experiences are those when I can support somebody in times of major transition—when the road can diverge down different paths, and you need someone to help you figure out which way to go.

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

In my spare time, I love being active, which means you can usually find me running or hiking in the Foothills with my dog, taking power yoga classes, or surfing at the coast with my husband and toddler. In my downtime, I enjoy cooking, hosting friends for dinner and watching bad reality TV shows.


Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology; Bachelor of Education with a specialization in International Education