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Zoom Tutorial

Install and download

Get Started

Before you can use Zoom, you must install the Zoom software for your device. Start by going to and click Download in the footer. Download the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Log in and Set Up

Web Portal (

Go to and log in with your SUNet ID and password.

Zoom Client

  1. Once the Zoom Client for Meetings is installed, click the Sign In button.
  2. Click Sign In with SSO.
  3. Enter stanford when prompted to for your company domain.
  4. Enter your SUNet ID and password on the Stanford WebLogin screen.

Schedule a Meeting

Web Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your SUNet ID and password.
  3. Click Schedule a Meeting in the top navigation bar.
  4. Input meeting details and click Save.
  5. Copy the Join URL or click Copy the invitation and send to attendees through your email and calendar client.

Personal Meeting ID

This ID is assigned to you automatically as a permanent virtual room. You can start it at any time or schedule it for future use. To change your PMI, go to your Profile on the web portal and click Edit.

Schedule Privilege

You can assign a user in your account to
schedule meetings on your behalf.

  1. Go the Meeting Settings section of the web portal.
  2. In the Schedule Privilege section, click Add to add a user.
  3. Have the user open the Zoom client.
  4. Have the user log out and log in again (one time only).
  5. Have the user click Schedule and select your name in the Schedule for: drop-down menu.

Meeting Controls


After joining or starting a meeting, you can join audio by phone or by computer. Choose Join Audio by Computer to connect your computer’s speaker and microphone to the Zoom meeting. You can test your audio connection before joining by clicking the Test Computer Audio link.


  1. Before or during a meeting, click Settings in the Zoom app menu. 
  2. Click on the Video tab to preview your camera or click the drop-down arrow to choose a different camera. 
  3. During a meeting, click Video in the meeting toolbar to start or stop your video. 

Invite and Manage Participants

During a meeting, click Invite to send the meeting information to more participants by email, Zoom chat, phone, or room system. If you’re a meeting host, you can manage participants (mute/unmute, control meeting entries, etc.) Attendees can only view other participants.

Share Screen

  1. After selecting Share Screen located in your meeting toolbar, you can choose to share your desktop, an individual application/window, or start a whiteboard. 
  2. During your screen share, select Annotate to use screen share tools for drawing, pointing, etc. 
  3. Any attendee in your meeting can start annotating on a shared screen. The attendee can access Annotate in the upper meeting toolbar.


  1. Click Chat to instant message with other participants while in the meeting. 
  2. In the Chat panel, click the dropdown to select whether you want the message to go to everyone in the meeting or a single participant.

Record Meeting

  1. If you’re a host, you can record the meeting. Click Record in the meeting toolbar. 
  2. Click the arrow on the Record icon to choose to save the recording to the cloud or to your computer.
  3. Access your cloud recordings from the web portal ( under Recordings. 

For more about Zoom features, how-to's and support, visit