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 Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann, PhD, Senior Lecturer and Introductory Course Coordinator, left, welcomes Leland Scholars to their first Chemistry Lab at Stanford. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Programs & Courses

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Labs offer opportunities to work on a specific document, such as a resume or cover letter, skill building like interviewing or negotiating, or communication tools like developing an online portfolio. While our programs offered help you discern future paths and learn about those who have navigated the same path you are on. 

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Check out upcoming Labs by searching the term "PhD" or "Postdoc" in the Events section in Handshake.

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We offer several programs to help you discern future paths and learn about those who have navigated the same path you are on. 

  • Navigating Career Uncertainty: A five-session program. In this program, you will take several assessments to help you understand what's important to you, complete activities that give valuable insight into the world of work, and get a clearer sense of steps you can take on your professional journey.
  • PhD Pathways: A year-round events series that educates PhD students and postdocs from all disciplines about career pathways available beyond academia. Watch recordings from our PhD Pathways series to learn about past PhDs' career strategies. Learn more
  • Humanists at Large (HAL): Exposes PhD students in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences to meaningful work beyond academia that capitalizes on humanistic knowledge and skills. HAL comprises a set of resources and a program for Stanford PhD students. Learn more
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Stanford Career Education is proud to be involved in the following Stanford courses designed to help PhDs and Postdocs explore and plan their path to meaningful work.

Stanford has many additional career-focused courses available. These can be found by searching "career" on Stanford Explore Courses

  • ENGR 311B and SGSI: Designing the Professional: How to Get a Life as well as a PhD: Seminar open to ALL doctoral students (Humanities, Sciences and Engineering). Apply principles of design thinking to designing your professional life following Stanford. Topics include: Introduction to "design thinking", a framework for vocational wayfinding and locating profession within life overall; tools to investigate multiple professional paths. Creation of personal "Odyssey Plan" to innovate multiple prototypes for post-PhD professional launch. For course details, visit the course website, and for the schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses
  • SGSI: Jumpstart Your Academic Job Search: Are you about to enter the job market for a faculty position? Get a jumpstart on preparing yourself and your application materials. This course is practical and experiential, involving practicing and editing. We will work on both written and oral parts of your job search preparation, including CVs, cover letters, research and teaching statements, and the job talk. Experts from across Stanford will present. An interdisciplinary class of peers will support you. For course details and schedule, visit VPGE.
  • SGSI: Stanford Graduate Summer Institute: SGSI offers immersive, interdisciplinary, accelerated courses for graduate students at no cost 2 weeks before Autumn Quarter. These half or full day, not-for-credit courses allow graduate students to explore other subjects, experiment with new ideas, and expand their networks amongst Stanford's diverse graduate community. Since its inception in 2006, nearly 3,000 graduate students and postdocs have shared in this unique Stanford opportunity. Courses are open to all current and incoming Stanford graduate students who will be registered in a degree programs. For more information, visit VPGE.
  • DLCL 326: Crafting Your Humanist Career: PhD students from all humanities departments and programs will learn how to chart a deliberate path through graduate school. For course details and schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses.
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Current or past courses

  • EDUC 343C: Preparing for Faculty Careers: For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all disciplines who are considering a faculty career of any type and at any of a broad range of institutions. It begins with a methodology to help determine if a faculty career is a good fit for the values, interests, and abilities of each participant. The four parts of the course will guide participants through an exploration of the academic career and prepare them to launch their academic job search:
    • How do I figure out if I actually should pursue an academic career? (“Reflect”)
    • What kinds of faculty positions exist and what do these look like in practice? (“Explore”)
    • How do I conduct a search and successfully land the right job? (“Dive In”)
    • How do I prepare myself for the job?
  • ENGR 311D: Portfolio to Professional: Supporting the Development of Digital Presence Through ePortfolios: This course guides graduate students in creating a professional ePortfolio and establishing an online presence. The course includes seminar-style presentations and discussions, opportunities for feedback with career mentors, classmates, alumni, employers, and other community members using think-aloud protocols and peer review approaches. Curriculum modules focus on strategies for telling your story in the digital environment, platform considerations, evidence and architecture, visual design and user experience. Open to all graduate students and majors. For course details, visit the course website, and for the schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses.