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Megan Vanneman

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Megan Vanneman

Meet Megan Vanneman ’03! Dr. Vanneman is an Assistant Professor and Core Investigator for the University of Utah School of Medicine and VA Salt Lake City Health Care System. She studies the impact of policy change on access, quality, and cost in large healthcare systems, with a focus on disparities and mental health. She uses mixed methods in her work, leveraging both quantitative (econometrics, biostatistics, surveys) and qualitative (in-depth interviews, focus groups) techniques. Dr. Vanneman's teaching interests are in research methods and health policy.

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Her inspiration comes from many people and many experiences: “I will mention one here -- Dr. Philip Lee, whose health policy course I took my sophomore year at Stanford. From that day forward, I knew I wanted to work on health policy and population health.”

Dr. Vanneman would like to advise students: “It's easy to celebrate successes. But, you need grit to get through the tough times.” Feel free to connect with her on the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) Platform at