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2019 PhD Pathways Program

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2019 Program Schedule

Opening Remarks

Vice Provost Patricia Gumport

Patricia Gumport serves as Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs. She has been on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education since 1989. Her graduate degrees are from Stanford in Education (PhD, MA) and Sociology (MA).

Keynote Lecture - Redefining Leadership for the Modern World

Dr. Danielle Harlan

Author of The New Alpha: Join the Rising Movement of Influencers and Changemakers Who are Redefining Leadership

Founder and CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential

If you want to make an impact - in your work, your life and the world at large - it’s time to scrap the traditional thinking about leadership. The game is changing. Power is shifting. And a brave new movement of leaders are redefining success, rewriting the rules, and revolutionizing leadership for the modern world.



  • Aaron Daugherty - Director, Discovery Science, twoXAR
  • Izumi Hinkson - Scientific Project Manager, ATOM / Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
  • Becca Krock - Product Scientist, 23andMe
  • Sean Trevino - Breast / Gyn Cancer Disease Area Lead, Pipeline & Portfolio Strategy, Genentech
  • Jeff Schwegman (Moderator) - Humanities & Arts Initiatives Coordinator, H&S Dean's Office, Stanford University

Education: Teaching Beyond University Faculty

  • Marcelo Aranda - History Teacher, Quarry Lane School
  • Nate Cardin - Upper School Science Teacher + Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Harvard-Westlake School
  • Sarah Parikh - Professor in Physics and Engineering, Foothill College
  • Michael Wing - Science teacher, Sir Francis Drake High School
  • Bernadine Chuck Fong (Moderator) - Director of Leadership Initiatives, Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Stanford University

Policy, Government, & Regulatory Affairs

  • Justin L. Adams - President & Chief Economist, Encina Advisors
  • Kristen Anderson - Child Care Coordinator, City of Redwood City
  • Laura Bloch - Sustainability Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Bruce Quinn - Principal, Bruce Quinn Associates LLC
  • Anna Reade - Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Nirav Shah (Moderator) - Senior Scholar, Stanford Medicine

GLAM: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

  • Benjamin L. Albritton - Digital Medieval Projects Manager, Stanford Libraries
  • Eitan Kensky - Reinhard Family Curator of Judaica and Hebraica Collections, Stanford University
  • Anja Scholze - Program Director, Biology + Design, Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Kathleen M. Smith - Curator, Germanic Collections & Medieval Studies, Stanford Libraries
  • Matthew Tiews (Moderator) - Associate Vice President for Campus Engagement, Stanford University

Research Outside Academia: STEM

  • Kyle Anderson - Geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Muratahan Aykol - Senior Research Scientist, Toyota Research Institute
  • Lizzie Dorfman - Senior Technical Program Manager, Google
  • May Liu - Principal Medical Research Scientist, Intuitive Surgical
  • Lance Choy (Moderator) - Career Coach, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Research Outside Academia: H & SS

  • Asha Dektor - Senior Human Factors Engineer, Intuitive Surgical
  • Rachel M. Gillum - Senior Director, RiceHadleyGates LLC
  • Kyle Johnson - Principal Research Scientist, Accenture
  • Kirsti Copeland (Moderator) - Associate Dean, Stanford School of Engineering

Communication, Writing, & Editing

  • Alessandra Aquilanti - Writer/Editor, Stanford Office of Development
  • Meredith Castile - Lead Content Strategist, Udemy
  • Alan Harvey - Director, Stanford University Press
  • Kristin Sainani - Associate Professor, Stanford University
  • Jennifer Saltzman (Moderator) - Director of Outreach Education, Stanford Earth

Education: Beyond the Classroom

  • Rahul Choudaha - Executive Vice President, Studyportals
  • Brian Johnsrud - Director of U.S. Content, Khan Academy
  • Joyce Lee - Associate Director, Principal Gifts, Stanford Office of Development
  • Joseph P. Wilson - Senior Education Consultant, Computer Science, American Institutes for Research
  • Chris Gonzalez Clarke (Moderator) - Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education, VPGE, Stanford University

Opportunities in Consulting

  • Tamara Carleton - CEO & founder, Innovation Leadership Group
  • Jonathan Chee - Senior Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • Ghazala Ovaice - Head of Organization Development, Global Business Organization, Google
  • Jessica Piper - Managing Engineer,  Exponent
  • Becky Turner - Founder and Principal, Turner Consulting Group LLC
  • Stephanie K. Eberle (Moderator) - Assistant Dean, BioSci Careers, Stanford University

Senior Leadership & Management in Industry

  • Wei Liu - Sr. Director, Product Management and Marketing, DiaCarta, Inc.
  • Carol Muller - Executive Director, WISE Ventures, Stanford University
  • Jaap Suermondt - Advisor and Investor, Plug and Play, Stanford University
  • Lane Weaver - Strategy, Genentech
  • Brett Alpert (Moderator) - Associate Dean & Director of Career Ventures, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Non-Tech in Tech

  • Garth Kimbrell - UX Writer, Google
  • Jessica Weare - Philanthropy & Civic Engagement, Microsoft
  • Jeff Schwegman (Moderator) - Humanities & Arts Initiatives Coordinator, H&S Dean's Office, Stanford University

Entrepreneurship & Freelancing

  • Sarah Derouin - Freelance Writer/Editor
  • Andrew Scheuermann - CEO and Cofounder, Arch Systems
  • Leah Sibener - Co-Founder/ VP of Research, 3T Biosciences
  • Suzanne Wertheim - Founder and CEO, Worthwhile Research & Consulting
  • Danielle Wood (Moderator) - Associate Dean, Director of Career Catalysts, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Data Science

  • Helen A. Craig - Data Scientist, Microsoft
  • Jonathan Hsu - Co-Founder and General Partner, Tribe Capital
  • Jess Roeder - Director of Product, Insight Data Science
  • Kristen Werner - Data Scientist - Executive Team, Snowflake Computing
  • M.J. Mangiarelli (Moderator) - Career Educator and Counselor, BioSci Careers

Recruiter's Perspective

  • Llanée Anderson - University Recruiting Lead, Intel AI
  • Allison Cullington - University Recruiter, Google
  • Melisa S. Medrano - Senior Recruiter, Gilead Sciences
  • William Perea - Sandia National Lab
  • Jerry Shankar - Scientific Recruiter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Megan Dino (Moderator) - Assistant Director, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Foundations & Non-Profits

  • Kate Lowry - Fellow at Science Philanthropy Alliance
  • Nikki Shechtman - Director of Evaluation, VPGE, Stanford University
  • Robert Wicks - Vice President, Philanthropy, Gladstone Institutes
  • Heather Youngs - Science Program Officer, Open Philanthropy Project
  • Helen Doyle (Moderator) - Associate Vice Provost, Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Strategy & Business Development

  • Nabeel Ibrahim - Director, Business Development, Applied Materials
  • Ghazala Ovaice - Head of Organization Development, Global Business Organization, Google
  • Henning Roedel - Western Region Innovation Leader, DPR Construction
  • Jennifer Schindel - Principal, Jennifer Schindel Consulting
  • Urmila Venkatesh (Moderator) - Asst. Dean of Career Education - PhD/Postdocs, BEAM, Stanford Career Education


The Academic as an Entrepreneur

Terri Givens - PhD in Political Science

Founder and CEO of the Center for Higher Education Leadership

Dr. Terri Givens was a successful academic going from being an assistant professor at University of Washington, to Vice Provost and full professor at the University of Texas at Austin, to Provost at Menlo College. However, she always heard the siren call of entrepreneurship which led her to start an LLC while in Austin, and now she is the CEO for The Center for Higher Education Leadership. She will describe how her academic background has led to her current position and will also discuss the nuts and bolts of starting a company.

Transferable Skills for PhDs

Peter Fiske - PhD in Geochemistry and Materials Science

Director of the Water Energy Resilience Research Institute (WERRI), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and nationally-recognized author and lecturer in entrepreneurship and personal career strategy

The PhD experience involves years of study and training in which you develop a set of highly-specialized technical skills and experience to prepare for a career in research. It is natural for PhDs to feel that these technical skills are the most valuable thing they can offer a potential employer. But in reality, PhDs possess a range of valuable "transferable skills" that are highly sought after by employers outside of academia. In some cases, these skills may be MORE important to potential employers than your research expertise. In this lively and interactive workshop, career strategy author and lecturer Dr. Peter Fiske will help you “unpack” your PhD and identify the broader set of skills and experience you developed while in grad school, and specific strategies for describing those transferable skills to potential employers.

Recognizing our space: Responding to microaggressions as a target and ally

Joseph Brown - PhD in Psychology

Associate Director, Stanford Diversity and First-Gen Office

Graduate students from diverse backgrounds interact with individuals who, while we may consider them as members of ally communities, do not consistently act as allies. This workshop will provide attendees with scenarios that identify supportive approaches for responding to microaggressions both as a target and ally. Attendees will discuss examples of this challenge and possible methods to responding in constructive ways. Interactive activities include role-plays, scenarios, and vignettes in which participants can learn how to model “in the moment” response strategies.

Growing Resilience under Stress

Adina Glickman - MA in Social Work

Director of Learning Strategy Programs, Founding Director of the Stanford Resilience Project 

What if you found out that every setback you’ve ever endured produced some of your best qualities? Everyone fails at something; it's what we learn from these setbacks that deepen and propel us forward. This interactive workshop will give participants an opportunity to see how their own stories of failure can become tools for growing resilience.