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2018 Phd Pathways Program

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Keynote Lecture

Dr. Tina Seelig

Author of What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20:  A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World (2009) and Creativity Rules: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and into the World (2017)

Faculty Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), and Professor of the Practice in the Department of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)

2018 Panels

Education: Teaching Panel

  • Valerie Ross - PhD in English - Upper School English Teacher, Castilleja School
  • Sylvia Sanders - PhD in Biochemistry - Math Teacher, Barron Park Elementary School
  • Sarah Parikh - PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Professor of Engineering, Foothill Community College
  • Dylan Arena - PhD in Learning sciences and technology design - Co-founder and chief learning scientist, Kidaptive
  • Bernadine Chuck Fong (Moderator) - PhD in Higher Education Policy Analysis - Director of Leadership Initiatives and Special Projects, VPGE 

Non-Tech Positions in the Tech Industry Panel

  • Jessica Weare - PhD in English - Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Manager, Microsoft
  • Leo Yeykelis - PhD in Human Computer Interaction (Communication) - Senior Quantitative User Experience Lead, Waymo
  • Anaïs Saint-Jude - PhD & MA in French & Humanities - SMB Relationship Manager, LinkedIn Learning Solutions, LinkedIn
  • Arne Bakker (Moderator) - PhD in Tumor Immunology - Manager, Scientific Meetings & Reviews, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Policy & Government Panel

  • Amy Askin - PhD in Civil Engineering - Global Security Systems Analyst, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Anh Thang Dao-Shah - PhD in American Studies - Policy and Evaluation Manager, San Francisco Arts Commission
  • Terry Reyes - PhD in Cancer Biology - Regulatory Affairs Scientist, DuPont
  • Dena Vallano - PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Physical Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Erika Bustamante (Moderator) - PhD in Developmental Biology - Director of State Government Relations, Stanford University

Writing and Editing Panel

  • Antoine de Morrée - PhD in Human Genetics - Associate Editor at Bio-protocol, Instructor at Stanford University
  • Marissa Gemma - PhD in English & American Literature - Content Strategist + Writer, Mode Analytics
  • Michelle Dohm - PhD in Chemistry - Senior Editor, PLOS One
  • Joy Leighton - PhD in English - Director of Public Relations, Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Kristin Sainani (Moderator) - PhD in Epidemiology - Associate Professor in Health Research and Policy - Epidemiology, Stanford University

Research outside Academia: Humanities & Social Sciences Panel

  • Benjamin Albritton - PhD in Musicology - Associate Curator for Paleography and Digital Medieval Materials, Stanford University Libraries
  • Lauren Aguilar - PhD in Psychology - Partner at Forshay, Diversity Consulting
  • Rachel Gillum - PhD in Political Science - Senior Director, RiceHadleyGates, LCC
  • Amanda Cannata - PhD in Musicology - Content Marketing Manager, Guidespark
  • Kirsti Copeland (Moderator) - PhD in Religion - Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Stanford University School of Engineering Dean's Office

Research outside Academia: STEM Panel

  • Annemarie Baltay - PhD in Geophysics - Research Geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
  • Steven Madsen - PhD in Materials Science & Engineering - Rotating Engineer, Lam Research
  • Katherine Roelofs - PhD in Materials Science & Engineering - Optics Engineer, Intel
  • David Hewings - PhD in Medicinal Chemistry - Industry Postdoctoral Researcher, Genentech
  • Arne Bakker (Moderator) - PhD in Tumor Immunology - Manager of Scientific Meetings & Reviews, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Senior Management Panel

  • David Lansky - PhD in History - President and CEO, Pacific Business Group on Health
  • Neal Benezra - PhD in Art History - Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • Anne Kopf-Sill - PhD in Chemical Engineering - Licensing Associate, Stanford University
  • Brett Alpert (Moderator) - PhD in Higher Education - Associate Dean of Career Education & Director of Career Ventures, Stanford University, Stanford Career Education

University Administration Panel

  • Daniel Murray  - PhD in Modern Thought & Literature - Associate Director of Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Stanford University
  • LaMisha Hill  - PhD in Counseling Psychology  - Director of Multicultural Resource Center, UCSF
  • Allyson Spence - PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Immunology - Program Manager of Academic/Non-academic Careers, UCSF
  • Gloriana Trujillo - PhD in Biology - Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs, Stanford VPTL
  • Matthew Tiews (Moderator) - PhD in Comparative Literature  - Associate Vice President for the Arts, Stanford University

Entrepreneurship Panel

  • David Tsao - PhD in Bioengineering - Founder and CTO, BilliontoOne
  • Andrew Lee - PhD in Chemical and Systems Biology - Founder, StarX Med
  • Andrew Scheuermann - PhD in Materials Science & Engineering - CEO and Co-Founder, Arch Systems
  • Vanessa Burns - PhD in Chemical and Systems Biology - Founder and CEO, LumosTech Sleep Mask
  • Shauna Harrison - PhD in Public Health - Fitness/Yoga Professional, Shauna Harrison LLC
  • Danielle Wood (Moderator) - BA in English - Associate Dean of Career Education & Director of Career Catalysts, Stanford University

Media, Arts & Entertainment Panel

  • Laura Cassidy Rogers Eliasieh - PhD in Modern Thought and Literature -  Project Research Curator, San Jose Museum of Art
  • Nolan Ira Gasser - PhD in Musicology - Composer, Pianist, Musicologist (architect of Music Genome Project), Pandora Media, Inc
  • Jieun Oh - PhD in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics - Acoustic Validation Engineer, Apple
  • Jennifer Rowland (Moderator) - MBA - Assistant Dean of Career Education & Associate Director of Arts, Media & Entertainment Career Ventures, Stanford University, Stanford Career Education

Pathways to Biotechnology Panel

  • Sungun (Andrew) Huh - PhD in Biochemistry - Medical Science Liaison (MSL), Shire
  • Alissa Winzeler - PhD in Developmental Biology - Director of Strategy, Syapse - Precision Medicine
  • Yatian Qu - PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Microfluidics Engineer, Purigen Biosystems, Inc
  • Rhea Daugherty (Moderator) - PhD in Genetics - Medical Education Project Manager, 23andMe

Q&A with Recruiters Panel

  • Beth McCormick - Engineering Recruitment and Diversity Manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Jennifer Irwin - PhD Recruiter, Exponent
  • Nereyda Salinas (Moderator) - MPP in Human Resources, Labor, and Education - Executive Director, School of Education Stanford EdCareers

Boutique Consulting Panel

  • Jinlin Song - PhD in Applied Math - Consultant and recruiter for PhD Consultants, Analysis Group, Inc.
  • Jake Ginsbach - PhD in Inorganic Chemistry - Business Associate Consultant, ZS Associates
  • Rami Arafah - PhD in Social Welfare - Research Consultant, Harder+Co
  • Igor Salitskiy - PhD in Economics - Associate Consultant, Cornerstone
  • Stephanie Eberle (Moderator) - MEd in Counseling - Director of Biosci Careers, Stanford University

Communication & Outreach Panel

  • Rigoberto Marquez  - PhD in Education - Director of Community Engaged Learning at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Stanford University
  • Jennie Scholick  - PhD in Comparative Literature  - Associate Director of Audience Engagement, San Francisco Ballet 
  • Scott Loarie - PhD in Environmental Science and Policy - Co-Director of, California Academy of Sciences
  • Anja Scholze - PhD in Developmental Biology - Experience Developer and Biotech and Health Program Manager, The Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Jennifer Saltzman (Moderator) - PhD in Biological Oceanography - Director of Outreach Education for the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Stanford University

Data Science Panel

  • Eric Giannella - PhD in Sociology - Senior Data Scientist, Code for America
  • Linlin Li - PhD in Industrial Engineering - Data Scientist, Google
  • Lisa Qian - PhD in Applied Physics- Data Science Manager, Airbnb
  • Debra Rosenfeld (Moderator) - MA in Counseling Psychology - Assistant Director of Counseling and Resources, BioSci Careers

Foundations & Non-Profits Panel

  • Janet Coffey - PhD in Science Education - Program Officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Joyce Lee - PhD in English - Associate Director of University Principal Gifts, Stanford Office of Development
  • Leila Zia - PhD in Management Science and Engineering - Senior Research Scientist, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Helen Doyle (Moderator) - PhD in Biology - Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Stanford University


From Inspiration to Implementation

Tina Seelig - PhD in Neuroscience - Faculty Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), and Professor of the Practice in the Department of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) 

There  is an insatiable demand for innovation and entrepreneurship to help individuals and companies thrive in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. However, there hasn't been a well-charted course from rough ideas to polished ventures. In this workshop, Tina Seelig describes a new model, the Invention Cycle, that illustrates how imagination leads to entrepreneurship. This framework captures the attitudes and actions that are necessary to foster innovation and to bring breakthrough ideas to the world.

Transferable Skills

Peter Fiske - PhD in Geochemistry and Materials Science - Director of the Water Energy Resilience Research Institute (WERRI) - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and nationally-recognized author and lecturer, teaching innovation, entrepreneurship and personal career strategy

The PhD experience involves years of study and training in which you develop a set of highly-specialized technical skills and experience to prepare for a career in research. It is natural for PhDs to feel that these technical skills are the most valuable thing they can offer a potential employer. But in reality, PhDs possess a range of valuable "transferable skills" that are highly sought after by employers outside of academia.  In some cases, these skills may be MORE important to potential employers than your research expertise.  In this lively and interactive workshop, career strategy author and lecturer Dr. Peter Fiske will help you “unpack” your PhD and identify the broader set of skills and experience you developed while in grad school, and specific strategies for describing those transferable skills to potential employers.

Traversing Your Pathway with Resilience

Adina Glickman - MA in Social Work - Director, Learning Strategy Programs at Stanford, and Founding Director of The Stanford Resilience Project

The pathway from PhD to professional requires resilience. At times it can feel as though the process is more about handling rejection and negotiating feelings of failure than it is about finding meaningful work. The Resilient Job Search is one in which your rejections and setbacks become tools for future success. This workshop will help you reflect on your experiences, identify your expectations, and help re-cast the inevitable frustration of looking for a job as a series of opportunities to learn and grow your resilience so that you can keep moving forward.

How Do I Do This?! Research-based stress management techniques for when you don’t even have time to stress!

Marily Oppezzo - PhD in Educational Psychology - Behavioral & Learning Scientist, Medicine at Stanford Prevention Research Center

Jumping into the non-academic job huntwithout a parachute? Trying to finish the culmination of your years of doctoral work, sweat, and tears, while also rapidly having to ensure a paycheck after graduation? In this hour-long workshop you will hear about some research studies supporting different ways of mitigating stress, and even try a few out to see how they feel. Leave with actionable, research-based ideas on how to direct, better tolerate, and/or manage the stress of having a big plate and even more on top of it