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Peer Career Coach

Myan Ngo


What has led you to your current role?

I loved the idea of helping my peers with their career education journeys in a more personalized way.

Tell us something interesting about your background.

I am a Vietnamese first-gen student that studies computer science, modern language, and religious studies. I found out about the PCC program through a presentation at FLI-SO and thought it'd be a great opportunity to not only educate my peers, but also educate myself about career related topics. I immediately applied to be a PCC and started at the beginning of fall quarter, and haven't looked back since :)

5 Fun Facts

  1. I have two cats named Coco and Pi
  2. I'm an intern for Mua Lac Hong or MLH, a Vietnamese dance group
  3. My first language is Vietnamese, and I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese.
  4. My favorite animal is a brown fluffy cow
  5. love baking cheesecakes :)

Major and School Year

Computer Science with a Modern Languages and Religious Studies, Frosh