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Associate Director of Career Coaching and Education - Humanities & Sciences (& Education)

Mike Joiner-Hill

Tell us something interesting about your background.

I lived 30 years in the Midwest! Outside of a couple of trips to California as a teenager and young adult, I'd never really seen mountains on either side of me as I drove down the freeway. Instead, I just saw buildings, houses, and snow-covered grass in the winter months.

What has led you to your current role?

I've been fortunate to experience higher education from multiple vantage points. My experiences working with student-athletes, serving as an academic advisor, providing career coaching, and leading professional and student teams have highlighted the immense impact that staff and faculty can have on the collegiate journeys of students with varying backgrounds, identities, and interests. During times of transition, we have the opportunity to co-create plans and facilitate ongoing reflection that supports these students in finding purpose and leading meaningful lives. Being able to work with staff, faculty, and students as students go through this academic and career exploration journey brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I really enjoy watching and reading about sports, particularly professional basketball (Golden State Warriors) and football (Detroit Lions). My partner is from SoCal, and she's turned me into a big Dodgers fan as well so we definitely enjoy watching playoff baseball. When we aren't watching sports we spend a lot of time streaming shows and movies, and taking walks during which we analyze the shows and movies we just watched. I also like to explore my creativity, and that shows up in the poetry I've written for years and landscape photography I picked up as what's become more than a hobby.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology; Master of Social Work, Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health