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Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Outcomes

J.B. Horsley

Tell us something interesting about your background.

I'm a 2019 Stanford alum who was an Economics major and English minor. Rather than going into finance and consulting, I became a career counselor specializing in creative industries. I know firsthand that what you study while at school doesn't define what you do later and graduation is only the beginning of the next leg of your journey. Although I will say I still use the skills I learned in my classes about excel, writing, group work, opportunity costs, and more every day.

What has led you to your current role?

I spent most of my time at college (and before) uncertain of what I wanted to do with my life. But right before graduating, I struck me that my greatest passion was storytelling and I knew I needed to create stories. After some soul searching and research, I made up my mind to pursue theatre. And at the same time, I wanted to give back to Stanford students going through the same struggles of finding their career path as I did. I joined CareerEd to work specifically within creative industries to help students discover and pursue their passion, just as CareerEd helped me to do.

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I am a proud nerd! You can find me watching and putting on theatre; playing countless hours of D&D; watching every Oscar nominee; staying up too late playing video games; reading an old or modern classic; or debating the definition of words. I'm always ready to nerd out.


B.A. Economics with Honors '19