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Assistant Director of Career Coaching and Education - Belonging, Access, and Career Equity

Jazmin Lopez

Tell us something interesting about your background.

I am a first-gen college grad born and raised in California and have lived in three major cities in the last five-years, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Oakland.

What has led to your current role?

I love working with folks in transitionary phases in their life and encouraging confidence in their personal and professional accomplishments. Applying to jobs can be daunting to students and barriers increase depending on their identity and background. Breaking down barriers and increasing accessibility in the job search process is a value that I am ecstatic to share with CareerEd. Knowing that CareerEd focuses on creating resources and opportunities for students and alumni made me incredibly happy to have the opportunity to join their team. I look forward to meeting with students and contributing to the mission and vision of the BACE team at CareerEd.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like hanging out with my chihuahua mix Clio, practicing my sewing skills by taking on ambitious and sparkly projects, and reading all the terrible romance novels out there!

Degrees and Certifications

B.A. in Psychology, California Certified Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Counselor