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Assistant Director of Career Coaching and Education - Humanities & Sciences (& Education)

Colleen McCallion

Tell us something interesting about your background.

At 15 years old I knew what I wanted to major in - and I never once changed my mind (or my major)! I discovered Communication when researching colleges and knew it was perfect for me. I have always loved sharing stories, connecting through conversations, and building relationships with new people. Studying interpersonal, intercultural, and even animal(!) communication was exciting to me, and it gave me foundational tools I use every day at work. When I’m advising and coaching students, facilitating programs, and teaching courses I’m energized and engaged! My skills in communication allow me to connect with others, share big ideas, and make connections with others. It’s what makes me thrive. And fun fact: it’s my top CliftonStrengths theme!

What has led you to your current role?

My first job after graduation wasn’t what I expected. Upon reflection I realized my resume was filled with roles in education - tutor, peer advisor, special education aide, mentor, service learning. I naturally gravitated toward these roles because I was surrounded by friends and family working in education. It’s what I knew. But it wasn’t until this defining moment that I realized education was a core value of mine, and I really enjoyed working with students. I began my professional career in higher education in 2008 as the academic advisor for the Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS) before joining CareerEd as a career coach in 2015. I love helping students navigate and connect to opportunities at Stanford - and beyond!

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I grew up hiking in redwood forests and rafting down rivers, and now I enjoy exploring local trails, forests and beaches with my children. Food is my love language - I love cooking, baking and I’m always trying new recipes. I also find joy in children’s books and bookstores, and color sorting my girls’ LEGO collection (it’s surprisingly relaxing!).


B.A. Communication, Minor in Education, M.A. Higher Education Administration
Board Certified Coach - special designations in life and career coaching